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good hYOUman.

Lilac Flower - Bridgette Sweatshirt

Lilac Flower - Bridgette Sweatshirt

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You will love this style! The Bridgette has a perfect fit and features a Kangaroo front pocket. The fabric will make you say "Wow, this is so insanely soft, feel this...." Hopefully someone is next to you when you say that so they can touch it as well.

*Butter Fleece is our newest fabric made from micromodal. It's unbelievably soft yet lightweight enough to drape perfectly. 

Micromodal is a specific type of modal rayon exhibiting incredible softness and resistance to shrinkage. The only difference between Micromodal and Modal is that Micromodal fibers are thinner. This means they can be tightly woven into a fabric with the same texture as silk.

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